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FAQ: Plugins

  1. Why do I need to install a plugin?
    A plugin enhances your browser so that you can display and edit chemical structure information, allowing you to search for chemical structures over the web. The plugin should be installed for all Chemical Dictionaries in Chemnetbase (Combined Chemical Dictionary, Dictionary of Commonly Cited Compounds, Dictionary of Inorganic & Organometallic Compounds, Dictionary of Natural Products, Dictionary of Organic Compounds, Pharmasource, and Properties of Organic Compounds.
  2. How can I tell is the plugin is installed?
    If you can't see the 'Draw Query' button on the search page of the product you wish to conduct a search in, then you have either not installed the plugin, or it has been installed incorrectly. The plugin is available from Chemnetbase or within the product site.
  3. Why doesn't Netscape load my plugin?
    • Check that the Netscape cache is not picking up the URL contents from its cache.
    • Verify that you are not loading a 16-bit DLL in the 32-bit browser.
    • Check that your system is not running low on memory. Try closing other applications and restart your browser.

FAQ: Password and IP Access

  1. Why can't I see any search results without entering a password?
    You need to contact CRC for a free trial or purchase the product concerned. You can find further information about the products in the section About CHEMnetBASE. This problem will not occur if your institution or company has registered for IP access.

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